The Best Stylish & Functional Workout Gear for Men in 2022

The Best Stylish & Functional Workout Gear for Men in 2022

These are our selects of the top stylish & functional workout accessories and gear in 2022 for men. If you like to buy high-quality functioning pieces, with a stylish design, this list was curated for you. Whether you're crushing an outdoor run or going to the gym these products will support your workout. Investing in fashionable workout gear can improve the way you look and feel, in return giving you that extra boost of confidence and motivation to get sweaty and in shape! 

The PocketCor® Belt
This product carries your phone, keys, wallet, headphones case, and more on the go without compromising your style. The PocketCor® Belt is a slim version of a fannypack and has no bounce. It is a more stylish version of anything you'll find in a sporting goods store, and really elevates any outfit with its sleek design. It is Made in California with high quality materials. You'll love this product when you're working out completely hands-free and bag-free, plus it's machine washable. Shop for them here - running belt for men, phone holder for workouts, pocketcor belt

On Cloud Sneakers
These shoes are amazing for any runner, and they're also great for the gym. They do feel like you're running on a cloud. We love the unique design of the bottom of these sneakers. Shop for them here - on cloud running sneaker

Hoka Running Sneakers
These sneakers are great for running outdoors. They are trending in the fitness community as one of the top running shoe brands. Shop for them here - hoka running shoes

Alo Mens Shorts
We love the color of these run shorts, they look great on everyone. These are a soft, lightweight, breathable. They do not have phone pockets, they only have 1 small pocket for a key. The best way to carry your phone and valuables over these shorts is with a PocketCor® Belt. Shop for them here -
alo yoga mens shorts review

Bala Bangles
If you're hitting a yoga class anytime soon these 2lb stylish wrist/ankle weights will add a little extra intensity into your flow. They are also great for boxing or simply walking to get in an extra sweat with movement. Shop for them here-

Lululemon Mesh Running Hat
This hat from Lululemon is the perfect running/biking accessory. If you're an outdoor runner or enjoy a nice bike ride you know the importance of wearing a hat to block out the sun. This sleek black hat is mesh perforated and helps to wick away sweat while giving your head a breeze. -

Bombas Running Ankle Socks 
If you need a good pair of socks for workouts, the best is Bombas. Not only do they have a stylish design and high quality fit, but they donate a sock to charity for every purchase. Shop for them here - socks review, running socks for men

Ten Thousand Shorts
These shorts are known to be good high quality, lightweight option, perfect for both indoor and outdoor workouts. They do have thigh pockets, but if putting your phone in your thigh pocket weighs you down or moves around during runs, you can wear a PocketCor® belt ontop of these shorts. Shop for them here -

Power Beats, Over the Ear
I usually run with airpods but have noticed they tend to move around some and I've actually had an airpod fall out of my ear on a really windy day. These beats by dre headphones that go over your ears offer a worry-free experience when working out, and a great sound. They have a stylish look to them and will boost your workout with high pump tunes. Shop for them here -
PocketCor® Reusable Water Flask 
Hydration is very important for workouts. This water bottle is a soft gel flask and is easily washable and reusable. The PocketCor® water flask can fit inside the PocketCor® Belt listed above. It's an easy way to carry fluids without actually holding anything in your hands. Shop for it here -
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