Our Story - We Love Pockets!

Our story starts in 2020, Alina Sol® launched during the global pandemic by a solo female entrepreneur! We are on a mission to give everyone the feeling of freedom with pockets! You no longer need to carry heavy bulky bags 24/7, carry everything in your hands, or wear outdated accessories. You can use PocketCor® to add five pockets around your core, to any outfit in your closet! 

The PocketCor Belt was created in New York City after Alissa, our Founder, realized one thing was missing from all of the clothing in her closet - pockets. Alissa had recently joined a gym in NYC. She realized on the first day of her gym membership that her leggings had no place for her phone, airpods case, subway card, and apartment keys. She decided to go shopping for new fashionable activewear with pockets, but was surprised when 3 very large activewear stores in Soho turned her away stating they did not sell any womens leggings or shorts with pockets. 

Alissa started to observe what others did with their phone and valuables at the gym and on the outdoor running trail in NYC. She quickly realized 95% of the people she saw were holding their phone and keys in their hands, sticking it out of their sports bra, or placing things on the floor at the gym. It seemed as if everyone had the same problem as her. Alissa decided to try wearing a fannypack or armband but did not like that fannypacks bounced around and felt bulky. Armbands were way too small to carry multiple items and always slid down her arm.

After a few weeks of frustration, and not being able to find the exact product she was envisioning on the internet, her entrepreneurial spirit was awakened. She had an idea to create a very sleek waistband with five individual pockets on the inside. She wanted the product to be discreet so it would look like the waistband of her leggings, so it would not compromise her style. The belt also would look just like an accessory if worn over dresses, skirts, rompers, shorts, etc.

Alissa taught herself how to sew by watching Youtube videos in her apartment, and made the first PocketCor Belt prototypes at home. After finding a factory in the USA, and spending 1.5 years sourcing different materials, the belts were created. We use high quality "spanx-like" materials to give compression when wearing to eliminate bouncing and movement. Alina Sol first launched a womens PocketCor Clothing collection in 2020. We then iterated to our best selling product (the PocketCor Belt) for all genders in late 2021 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. We have expanded sizes to include XXS-4XL in 2022.

The PocketCor Belt can be used for travel, workouts, carrying medical devices, running errands, dog walks, concerts, festivals, amusement parks, and more!