Our Story - We Love Pockets!




Alissa Farina founded and launched ALINA SOL as a solo female entrepreneur during the pandemic. 

The idea for PocketCor® came to her simply as a frustrated consumer looking for a solution to a common problem - activewear without pockets. Alissa has always had a passion for fashion and styling. When she committed herself to a healthy lifestyle and began working out daily indoors and outdoors, she quickly realized none of her workout clothes had pockets. 

She went shopping in NYC for new leggings with pockets (specifically for her phone, keys, wallet, and headphones) and was surprised when 3 stores turned her away stating "None of their activewear had enough pockets (or any pockets) to carry all those items" Alissa did not want to wear flimsy armbands that were too tiny to carry multiple items at once, or big bulky fanny packs that bounced around during runs. She analyzed almost every runner she would see outside and noticed mostly everyone was carrying their phone in their hand on walks and runs. She analyzed people at the gym and realized everyone was leaving their phone and keys on the floor. This confirmed that the lack of functional pockets in clothing was a bigger problem than hers alone. 

PocketCor® was created from problem solving. It was important that the pockets were hidden inside the belt for max security, but also for aesthetic. The 5 pockets were created as individual stacked compartments so each item stays in its own pocket and is organized. The large pockets were engineered to be hidden behind the small pockets, so items could slide inside horizontally. The belt was made wide enough to also carry a passport for travel. The belt was made with materials that would keep it as flat and sleek of an aesthetic as possible, so it really looked like the waistband of clothing.  

The PocketCor® Belt officially launched online in October 2021. 

The PocketCor® Belt was granted a Patent by the USPTO. Identifying this product as unique, and a first of it's kind. PocketCor® is also a Registered Trademark name. 

We are currently shipping from Miami. Thanks for checking us out, happy shopping. Experience life hands-free, and bag-free!