Our Story

Alina Sol® launched the PocketCor® Belt in the end of 2021. Our brand is run by a solo female entrepreneur (Alissa) and in the last few years has grown into a brand with thousands of customers all around the world! Fun fact, we are a completely bootstrapped startup. We are now based in Boston, MA - but the idea for PocketCor® and Alina Sol® was originally concepted in New York City. 

The PocketCor® Belt was created as a solution to a frustrating problem. Alissa, our Founder, created the PocketCor® Belt after joining a gym and starting to walk/run outdoors in New York City after college. She quickly realized that none of her leggings or shorts had pockets and she had no where to put her phone, keys, cards, and headphones while working out, or even while running errands around the city. Alissa decided to go shopping at her favorite retailers in NYC for new leggings with multiple pockets to solve this problem. However she was surprised when all of her favorite retailers said "we don't sell leggings with pockets here." After 3 'major' activewear stores turned her away, Alissa set out to find a stylish solution to her pocket-less clothing problem, and could not find one. Alissa did not like the restrictive feeling of having to carry a bag or bulky fannypack everywhere she went when wearing activewear, or the idea of having to hold everything in her hands 24/7. 

She also felt every accessory on the market was too bulky, too flimsy, looked unflattering/outdated, or did not function properly. Alissa taught herself how to sew by watching Youtube videos and created the first PocketCor® Belt in her NYC apartment. The product name "PocketCor®" she created as a play on words to the product - Pocket-Cor, it adds pockets around your core! Alissa spent the next 2 years after initial conception, from 2018 - 2020, learning about fabrics, learning how to source materials, learning about manufacturing and finding a factory, and making over 50+ rounds of samples to develop the product to work correctly - no bounce, no rolling, and secure sliding pockets. PocketCor® was created with fashion in mind, as Alissa wanted the product to truly blend into her outfits. PocketCor® is not bulky, it has no external pockets, is very slim, and the pockets are separate individual compartments, all top-loading. PocketCor® is now a Patented product.

You no longer need to carry heavy bulky bags 24/7, carry everything in your hands, or wear outdated accessories. You can use PocketCor® to add five pockets around your core, to any outfit in your closet! The PocketCor Belt can be used for travel, workouts, carrying medical devices, running errands, dog walks, concerts, festivals, amusement parks, and more! 

Stay tuned for our future product categories and launches!