What is a PocketCor® Belt? FAQ

Welcome! A PocketCor® Belt is a new accessory belt that you wear over clothing. If your clothing does not have functional pockets, you now can wear this belt and add 5 pockets to your outfit. This product replaces a fanny pack or armband, and offers a slim, sleek, fashionable design. PocketCor® has a system of stacked & sliding pockets, layered on top of each other. Besides workouts you can wear this product for traveling, running errands, to festivals, concerts, parks, walking, sport events, as a fashion accessory, and more!

How are we different from other brands/running accessories? 
We offer you the first waistbelt with a 5 stacked-sliding pocket system. This product is not just a piece of fabric, the materials we source are thicker and provide a snug no bounce fit, and a sleek fashionable design. The materials of the belt keep the exterior flat and prevent wrinkling when wearing, so the belt will really look like a part of your outfit! This is a Patented product that will elevate your outfit and keep you hands-free. Our belt has 2 large horizontal pockets, and 3 vertical pockets, stacked on top of each other. Each pocket is its own compartment, so your valuables will not touch each other during use, and can not move around. 

Is the PocketCor® Belt going to bounce around when I'm working out? 
We use a custom elastic in the center of our waistband that keeps the belt from moving. The elastic will comfortably hug your body and keep your valuables in place. It is best to wear the belt high waisted, right above your hips.

Does it fit tight?
The PocketCor Belt does have a comfortable snug fit, if you order your true size. It has a secure fit so your valuables stay close to your core and can not fall out during runs. If you do not like snug fitting belts, you can size up 1 size for a looser relaxed fit. 

Can the belt hold a water bottle and snacks? 
Yes! We have our own PocketCor® Reusable Water Flask which fits perfectly into the pockets of your belt. You can also bring snacks! Anything from a cliff bar to energy gels or even a small sandwich can fit inside! 

Will my phone fit with a case? 
Yes! Depending on the thickness of your phone case you may have to wiggle it in more. But it will absolutely work! 

What size phone can this hold? 
Works with any size phone! Pockets large enough to carry items 4 x 8 inches. 

Will my phone get wet during workouts? 
With our moisture wicking fabrics, your phone will stay 99% dry! We've gone on many outdoor test runs with our phone staying 100% dry even in the hottest summer days. Plus this is a few layers of fabric away from your skin, since you wear the belt over clothing. 

Really unsure of size, not sure what size to get? 
If you are in between 2 sizes - the smaller size will be a tighter snug fit, and the larger size will be a more relaxed fit. This is a personal preference for each person to decide. At the end of the day if you get the wrong size (dont worry!) we can exchange it for you! If you buy the belt specifically for running it is recommended to go with the tighter snug fit.

Is this product unisex? 
Yes! Anyone can wear any of the colors/designs. Each mens size is one below a women's. For example a mens small is equivalent to a women's medium, a mens medium is equivalent to a women's large, and so on.